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LINESCOPE ™  V.3.0  


LINESCOPE’s proprietary algorithm computes the distributed transmission line parameters for every frequency content of the excitation signal. As a result, LINESCOPE computes high frequency phenomena such as  inductive and resistive skin effect with extreme accuracy, providing you with the most accurate lossy line solution. This is a unique and powerful feature of LINESCOPE which makes it ideal for high frequency applications  even at extremely high frequencies (several Giga Hertz and above).  

LINESCOPE  is used for first-try design of High Speed Digital/Analog circuits and networks and applications such as design of:

 High Speed Digital/Analog Circuits

 Integrated Circuit Devices

Multilayer Circuit Boards

 Printed Wiring Boards

 Printer Circuit Boards (PCBs)

 Back Planes

 Wide Band Coax Networks

 Balanced and Unbalanced Network applications

 LINESCOPE is used to simulate critical paths in your system and detect any Reflections, Time delays, Clock skews, Attenuation, Band Width limitations, etc.  LINESCOPE will improve the design cycle significantly by forecasting  unwanted behavior of  an interconnection network at System  (e.g. Printed Wiring Board, Cabling, etc.) or Device (e.g. IC) level.  Accuracy, Flexibility, Speed and Ease of Use will make LINESCOPE the most powerful and user friendly signal integrity simulation tool available.  


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